A stunning view of our facility that can be used for a church camp rental.

We can't do this without you.

Operating a retreat centre such as ours comes at a high cost -but the benefit to the church is worth it! We believe that camps and retreats are the best tool that the church has to develop relationships.

We have many stories of people encountering the grace of Jesus Christ at the this place, leaving reassured of God’s magnificent light! Both event attendees and rental groups have described finding a certain peace in this place, allowing them to recenter themselves upon the Lord.

Guests at Island Lake have experience transformation in their relationships! Trust has been built, divisions have disappeared, and communities have been transformed! Truly, Island Lake is a place where walls come down and love springs up!

We keep fees for our guests as low as possible, so none of this would be possible without generous contributions from people like you!

A one time donation is the most efficient way to give! All donations made through this method will be matched by 15% by ATB Cares!

A monthly recurring donation helps us to build a budget with money that we can count on! Recurring donations help to improve cash flow, which can be a issue during the winter seasons.

Alternatively, donations can be made through:

eTransfer: mail@ilcrc.ca

Or through cheques made out to ‘Island Lake Christian Retreat Centre’ and are mailed to:
Box 207, Coleman, AB T0K 0M0

We are able to give tax receipts for donations over $20.00