Island Lake in one word:

At Island Lake we value authentic relationships! We believe that we have seen the grace of God bless relationships that have been formed here! We believe that once you have been transformed by a relationship with your Heavenly Father, your potential for authentic relationships with your brothers and sisters will never be the same!

We exist to provide you with an environment that will encourage you to cast your eyes above, and give you scores of quality time with the people around you!

It is our prayer that Island Lake will be a place where your relationships can be sparked, stoked, and rekindled!

A beautiful view of Island Lake in the Crowsnest Pass in the summer
Island Lake Christian Retreat Centre is next to its serene namesake!

Quick intro

We are a 4-season Christian retreat centre, nestled in the mountains of the Crowsnest Pass, that is dedicated to seeing people encounter the Grace of God and build relationships that manifest His love!

  • We plan and provide a variety of camps and retreats that are designed to share the Gospel with all who need to hear it, and to help Christians to connect with each other (Regardless of denomination or personal differences)

  • We are also proud to provide our camp as a host venue for various Christian groups, so churches, charities and communities can plan their own camps and retreats! Our facility has an overnight capacity in excess of 100!