The Island Lake Vision


We are proud to present our organizational statements, believing them to be God’s will for the future of our facility!
We believe that camps and retreats are one of the best tools that the church has for building relationships. We believe that retreat centres and camp facilities can play an important role in the church’s future!


There’s treasure at the end of every rainbow! -Taken at Island Lake Christian Retreat Centre


We plan and provide retreats and camps throughout the year, and operate a retreat center that serves as a host facility for various Christian groups.



Transformation through relationships and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!



Greater growth and unity in the Family of God, one loving relationship at a time!



Island Lake exists to serve the church in its mission to fulfill the Great Commission. We believe that the best way to do this always has been, and always will be through relationships. Never before have the relationships of the church had such potential to testify to our divided world than they do today! Through a kindness in spite of division, through a oneness among brothers and sisters, through a unity rooted in love.

We believe that we have tasted and seen the grace of God upon relationships at our camp. Primarily, we focus on developing everyone’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In turn, this relationship transforms every area and relationship in life. Secondly, Island Lake offers people a chance to hear stories, share their own story, and write new ones together -all in the light of the story of the Gospel! Island Lake is a truly a place where any relationship can be sparked, stoked or rekindled.

It is our hope that Island Lake will help people on their journey to become one in Christ. It is our prayer that relationships like the ones built at Island Lake will transform the Family of God, so that the world will know that we are Christians by our love.
Island Lake is many things, but in one word, Island Lake is all about RELATIONSHIPS!