Calling all Island Lake Members!


Island Lake is a place worth sharing -But we need your help to do it! We’ve developed a series of 5 goals for the Island Lake membership to achieve in 2019 in order to get us closer to seeing our facility used for ministry all year long! Be sure to check back here for regular updates on how we’re doing!


We present to you: the island Lake high-five!



Double the Active Membership


Our Membership is our heart and soul! In order to grow our organization, we need to grow our volunteer base! Let’s get things our numbers from
40 -> 80. All we have to do is start inviting more people to join our cause!


$10,000 dollars more in annual donations


Financial realities are a part of operating a camp like ours. Know that every dollar goes towards achieving our vision of transformation and relationships! We even have online giving options for your convenience!


10 More Testimonies about Island Lake


Stories are wonderful! They inspire others to help us and remind us what its all about! We want to hear your story! Whether its new this year, or old and untold, submit your story on our Testimonies page!


3 Weekends of Summit Youth Retreat

0/3 Weekends Filled

In February, we bring tonnes of youth groups to come and experience Christ during a ski weekend adventure together! This is an amazing chance to share the gospel, witness transformation and build unity in our youth!


meeting with each active member


All hands on deck! We’re going to need everyone’s help if our vision is going to be realized! Let’s make sure that we’re all pulling in the same direction, and using everyone’s full passion and potential! Expect a call!